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Direct Link vs vs Password Protected

We highly recommend not using direct links and use the home page for a few reasons:

1) Using the home page allows funeral directors to quickly and easily forward the link and add to an obituary (if needed) immediately after confirming our availability and book.

2) Technical issues do happen from time to time. We have backup plans in place but can ONLY implement if we are using the link. For most services we arrive an hour prior to start time and that's when we would learn of any issues. If we were to implement a backup plan it would be nearly impossible to forward the new link to the funeral director who in turn needs to forward to their clients, all in under an hour.

3) If the family prefers the live stream to be password protected, we can do this using the link with a password and still provide the backup plans as mentioned above.

We understand that some families prefer not to see all the other services and may prefer to have a direct link. We can certainly set this up provided everyone understands there are no live streaming backup options should there be a technical issue and the video recording would be uploaded later in the day.




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