* Live Streaming typically begins 30 minutes prior to service start time. When we begin Live Streaming and are waiting for the service to begin, you will see the Service Start Time on the screen.

* For best video quality, select the highest HD setting available in video settings, hover mouse over video, click the Gear Icon on lower right of screen, click Quality, click the highest HD setting available, typically 720 or 1080. you should now see a red HD logo next to the Gear Icon.

* For Full Screen, hover mouse over video, click the "2 arrows" icon on lower right of screen.




Video Choppy or Freezes:

Live Streaming requires "Good Internet" at both the streaming end and the viewing end. Weak internet at either end causes buffering. In some cases, viewing with weak WiFi or on a portable device like a phone and using cellular data may also cause buffering. Please check your internet with a service like Ookla Speedtest to be sure you have "Good Internet" (at least 3 Mbps) for an incoming live stream.


We Are Past The Start Time And Nothing Is Happening:

In very rare cases, we may not have sufficient internet to provide a live stream. For remote locations (like cemeteries) we will use our hotspots which use a cellular signal. Some remote locations may not have enough signal to broadcast. If we are unable to broadcast, the recorded video will be uploaded by the end of the day.