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Single Location Live Stream: $600

(Up to 2 hours** live streaming)

Add Second Location: Add $200

(Up to 3 total hours** live streaming)

  • **Hours are continuous

  • Additional hours at same location add $100 per hour

  • Location WiFi not required (Recommended yes, required no)

  • HD Video Recording

  • HD Live Streaming***

  • Edited video uploaded within 48 hours

  • Password Protected upon request

  • USB Flash Drive included and mailed to hiring client

  • Live Stream setup requires 60 minutes setup prior to start time

  • Video file download link available upon request

  • Travel Fee may be required over 50 miles

***Live Stream Availability: Live Streaming depends on internet availability and can not be guaranteed. We use network bonding which allows us to combine various internet sources including our 3 dedicated Hotspots from Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. We can also attempt to use locations wifi signal and password if made available to us. This setup has proven very successful however we simply can not guarantee sufficient internet at all locations. Live Stream links should be referenced similar to below:

"Please visit to view the live stream. In the event the live stream is not available due to insufficient internet availability, the recorded version of the service will be made available at the same link within 24 hours."


Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions or additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Each Location Need To Have Wifi?

No, we use our own dedicated mobile routers from Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile for internet and also have a dedicated bonding router that allows us to combine all 3 to improve bandwidth in weak areas. This gives us up to 3 sources to combine for a successful stream. As a last resort in weak areas, if the venue has wifi and made available to us, we will attempt to use. If a stream cannot be achieved due to lack of internet, the camera files will be edited and uploaded ASAP, typically within a few hours of the conclusion of the event.

How Do You Capture Audio in  Churches?:

Whenever possible, we place a small wireless microphone in front of a speaker in the church. We prefer this in lieu of placing on lectern as it can capture all church microphones. For funeral home services, if there is a lectern with microphone, we will attach to microphone.   

Our Family is asking for Zoom:

Check my latest blog on why we do not use Zoom:  Click Here.


Is It Possible To Have A Direct Link To Stream?

All our live streams appear on the home page which keeps things simple and an easy to reference link. For technical reasons, we advise against using direct links but can be arranged if necessary.

Private Stream:

Live streams can be password protected. By default, all live streams are public. 



Are Live Streams Available As Replay?

Yes, our live streams are available for replay for 1 year from the Past Streams page and can be removed as replay upon request.

Can The Live Stream Video Be Downloaded After?

Yes, upon request we will provide a download link. Download files are compressed and slightly lower quality. Flash Drive is recommended for better quality and archiving.


USB Flash Drive:

Hiring client will receive the video(s) on a USB Flash Drive in custom case shortly after the service. Additional Flash Drives can be ordered for $30 each.

Travel Fee's:

No travel fee's if within 50 miles from Norwood MA 02062, if over 50 miles;

  • 51-90 Miles: $100 (This includes Bourne National Cemetery)

  • Over 91 Miles; TBD pending geography.




​We highly recommend paying for services in the online form we send for the details. This is to eliminate the process of paying at the service, an already difficult day. In most cases, we will not communicate at the service.

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