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Few Tips & Considerations Before Booking:


Church Audio: Live Stream audio can be tricky in churches. Our best chance at improving church audio is to add wireless microphones during setup. When added, this will greatly improve the audio heard in the live stream. In most cases, wireless audio is added in churches provided both conditions below are met:

  • Streaming at church only.

  • Church grants us permission.


*Due to time constraints, we cannot use wireless audio if we are streaming multiple locations, cemetery after the church service, funeral home prior to church service, etc..

*Most churches allow us to add wireless audio, but some will not.


Live Stream Availability: Live Streaming depends on internet availability and can not be guaranteed. We use network bonding which allows us to combine various internet sources including our 3 dedicated Hotspots from Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T and we can also add wifi from location if wifi signal and password are made available to us. This setup has proven very successful however we simply can not guarantee sufficient internet at all locations. If streaming is not possible, we will upload the video same day, typically within a few hours of events conclusion. Below are known problem locations:

  1. Marblehead MA.

  2. Bourne National Cemetery, Bourne MA.

  3. Newton Cemetery, Newton MA.

Streaming Link: The link below is what you will give friends and family, and in many cases, have the funeral home add to the online obituary.

Payment: Paying online is preferred method and most likely the easiest for us both. Clients are welcome to bring a check to the service, but its a very busy day and perhaps not the time and place to conduct payments. Please submit details using your payment method below.

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