Difficult Locations:

Due to circumstance beyond our control, primarily the lack of cellular signal or venues WiFi,  the below locations are not ideal candidates for live streaming. We have data plans from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile and each one has tested too weak and has been the cause of poor (or non existent) live streaming.


We can still video record and/or do a simulated live event where we edit the recording, upload and schedule. The simulated event could be scheduled a minimum of 8 hours after the event ends, so as an example, a 10:00am service could be scheduled for 6:00pm the same day. This would appear just like all our live streams, just not in real time and still provide the On Demand replay for 1 year.

Please contact Darryn at 781-686-5293 for more information regarding options for the below locations:

  • Bourne National Cemetery, Bourne MA

  • Newton Cemetery, Newton MA

  • Marblehead MA