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Funeral homes can now easily embed their live streams on their own website. Its simple to implement and I am happy to work with you or your web service to setup. You only need to setup once. You would have a new "button" on your main menu, perhaps called Live Streams. In an obit, you would use similar to following:

This service is available for live streaming on our Live Steam page.

(And of course you could always hot-link the words Live Stream page.)


Here is how it works:

  • I create a new "Channel" on my platform for your funeral home. Lets use ABC Funeral Home as example.

  • When I create a new stream for ABC funeral home, I tag it to the ABC Funeral Home channel.

  • You or your website service creates new page on website called Live Stream and adds to main menu

  • I supply a special code that's added to new page. This is done needed once.

  • All live streams created for the ABC funeral home now appear on this page.

Their is no additional charge for this and everything works and appears exactly how it does on my home page as you see it now. Should you decide to implement, this may be the easiest way for you:


Email/contact your website provider and tell them the plan (or link this page) and that Darryn Carroll from will be contacting them to implement. If you have a contact name and contact info, send that to me after you have contacted them.



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