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Links and FAQ's for our Funeral Home clients.

Directors Frequently Asked Questions:


We have special requests for our service, can you help?

Absolutely, if we can. While many services are in the "standard" category, some may need additional features and we are happy to help when/where we can. Some features we can include at no additional cost while others may have a fee depending on complexity. Here are some examples:

No Fee Options:

  • Adding photo from obit to live stream thumbnail.

  • Second unmanned camera. (Details)

  • Provide download link of service after conclusion.

  • Password protected stream and/or direct link of stream. (Details)

Additional Fee Options:

  • Additional Copies of USB in custom case.

  • Second camera and camera-operator. (Details)

  • Portable speaker, microphone and microphone stand for cemetery.

Does Each Location Need To Have Wifi?

No, we use our own dedicated mobile routers from Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile for internet and our streaming encoder has built-in Network Bonding which allows us to combine them to improve bandwidth in weak areas. If a stream cannot be achieved due to lack of internet, the camera files will be edited and uploaded ASAP, typically within a few hours of the conclusion of the event.

How Do You Capture Audio in  Churches?:

When possible, we place a small digital microphone in front of a speaker in the church. This has been working better than mounting on lectern as it can capture any/all lecterns and if celebrant is wearing a church supplied wireless mic.  

Our Family is asking for Zoom:

Check my latest blog on why funeral homes may want to avoid Zoom. Click Here.


Can you stream a slideshow prior to the start of service?

Yes! This is a great option. By default, we begin the live stream 30 minutes prior to the actual service start time. Typically we would have a screen that says "Today's Service Will Begin at XX O'clock" with a blue screen with clouds as background. Instead of the blue screen with clouds background, we can play an MP4 video file that loops. We would need the slideshow video 2-3 days prior to service in MP4 video format, or contact me if you need any assistance with slideshow.

Is It Possible To Have A Direct Link To Stream?

Yes, a direct link is possible. By default all streams appear on the home page which keeps things simple and an easy to reference link.

Private Stream:

Live streams can be password protected and best utilized if there is no public link. By default all live streams are public. 



Are Live Streams Available As Replay?

Yes, by default all our live streams are available for replay for 1 year. They can be removed as replay upon request.

Can The Live Stream Video Be Downloaded After?

Yes, upon request we will provide a download link.


USB Flash Drive:

Funeral Homes can receive the service on a USB drive in custom case to provide to their client.

Travel Fee's:

No travel fee's if within 50 miles from Norwood MA 02062, if over 50 miles;

  • 51-90 Miles: $100 (This includes Bourne National Cemetery)

  • Over 91 Miles; TBD pending geography.




If payment by check at the service, please make check payable: Norwood Media Group.

Online Payments also available

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