Below are few details and FAQ's for our Funeral Home clients.

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9/24/2022: ​The addition of a dedicated bonding router has greatly improved cellular signal in weak areas.

8/1/2022: ​The addition of updated wireless audio has proven very effective in improving audio from readers, eulogist and celebrant.

7/12/2022: New dedicated webpage for locations that we advise against attempting live streaming. Fortunately just 3 locations, page also includes options for these locations:

1/1/2022: Pricing Structure Update 2022: Pricing for a single location live stream remains the same, however there is now a $200 fee to add a second location which also adds 2 up to additional hours. Funeral home discount of $100 still applies to the total. Pricing structure updates are also found on the Services tab at top menu.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Each Location Need To Have Wifi?

No, we use our own dedicated mobile routers from Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile for internet and also have a dedicated bonding router that allows us to combine all 3 to improve bandwidth in weak areas. This gives us up to 3 sources to combine for a successful stream. As a last resort in weak areas, if the venue has wifi and made available to us, we will attempt to use. If a stream cannot be achieved due to lack of internet, the camera files will be edited and uploaded ASAP, typically within a few hours of the conclusion of the event.

How Do You Capture Audio in  Churches?:

Setting up audio in churches is sometimes achievable, and quite frankly, sometimes not. In certain cases, we may be able to use a wireless microphone at the lectern. For us to use wireless microphone at the lectern, both items below criteria must be met:


1) We are ONLY streaming at a single location, typically the church. If we are streaming prior to the church, or after the church at a cemetery, we will not have time to setup, test and use the wireless microphone.

2) With approval from the church staff we will attach our small wireless microphone to their lectern. Remember this lectern will be the only area capturing audio, so it will not capture the celebrant if he/she is not speaking at this lectern or walking around the altar area. People speaking will need to speak into the microphone at a normal level. Many people who are not familiar with this type of speaking may not get close enough to the microphone and/or simply speak too softly.​​ Unlike weddings and other events, the nature of funerals does not provide the opportunity to coach all the speakers before they begin. 

Our Family is asking for Zoom:

Check my latest blog on why funeral homes may want to avoid Zoom. Click Here.


Is It Possible To Have A Direct Link To Stream?

Yes, a direct link is possible. By default all streams appear on the home page which keeps things simple and an easy to reference link. If you are embedding a link in the obituary, a direct link can be provided upon request.

Private Stream:

Live streams can be password protected and best utilized if there is no public link. By default all live streams are public. 



Are Live Streams Available As Replay?

Yes, by default all our live streams are available for replay for 1 year at the same link. They can be removed as replay upon request.

Can The Live Stream Video Be Downloaded After?

Yes, upon request we will provide a download link.


USB Flash Drive:

Funeral Homes will receive the video(s) on a USB drive in custom case within a week to provide to your client. We can mail direct to family upon request.

Travel Fee's:

No travel fee's if within 30 miles from Norwood MA 02062, if over 30 miles;

31-60 Miles: $100

61-90 Miles: $150 (This includes Bourne National Cemetery)

Over 91 Miles; TBD




If hired by and paid by funeral home there is a $100 discount.

If payment by check at the service, please make check payable: Norwood Media Group.

(Credit cards, Online Payments, Venmo also available upon request)