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Updated 11/12/2021

Due to circumstance beyond our control, primarily the lack of sufficient internet and the cemetery's tight scheduling procedures, we no longer offering live streaming from the National Cemetery in Bourne. We have data plans from Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile and not only is each one too weak individually, but even combined the signal is not strong enough to deliver a quality stream. Being a military base there may even be precautionary measures that prevents certain modes of cellular transmitting.


We can still video record and/or do a simulated live event where we edit the recording, upload and schedule. The simulated event could be scheduled a minimum of 8 hours after the event ends, so as an example, a 10:00am service could be scheduled for 6:00pm the same day. This would appear just like all our live streams, just not in real time. On demand replay for 1 year.

Please contact Darryn at 781-686-5293 for more information regarding services in Bourne.

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