Live streaming from the National Cemetery in Bourne is technically difficult for reasons beyond our control. We use network bonding which combines multiple sources for internet access and has been 99% effective at most locations, however the National Cemetery seems to fall into the 1% category. We use both Verizon and AT&T which both pass "minimum required" speed tests just a few miles away, but for some reason not inside the cemetery, I highly recommend these to be filmed and uploaded and not live streamed. This can be accomplished in the same day, typically within a few hours after the service ends. An additional option is to have a "simulated" live stream. Example: If the service was 10:00am, we will setup a simulated stream time later in the day. (must be at least a 3-4 hours after end of service), lets say 4:00pm. This will appear as a live stream event at 4:00. After the live stream concludes, it will remain available for replay for 1 year.